Resources for your Community Screening

Here are some free materials that you can download and print to help you successfully
plan, promote and host your community screening of Call of Life. (Right-click to download)

Community Screening Guide

A handy page of information and advice to help you prepare for your screening.

Discussion Guide

We recommend allowing ample time for discussion after the movie. This 20-page Discussion Guide expands on ideas presented in Call of Life and is designed to assist facilitators and teachers with suggested questions and dicussion points.

Sign-up Sheet

Print these as an easy way to collect contact information from your guests. Please return a copy of your filled out forms to Species Alliance so everyone at your screening can be included on the Call of Life email list.


These half-page (5.5x8.5") flyers print two-up on a letter-size page with room at the bottom to add the time and place of your screening. These small flyers are perfect as handouts or mailers, or for posting on bulletin boards, etc. to promote your event.


Here is a two-sided 4x6" postcard , with the Call of Life poster image on one side, and on the other a list of things you can do today to protect biodiversity. Postcards can be printed inexpensively and are a great size for handouts or take-aways from your event. (not designed for mailing if both sides are printed).

Poster Small

Standard letter-size 8.5x11" poster or flyer to announce your screening. (8MB PDF)

Poster Medium

Print-ready 12x16" poster to promote or display at your screening. (16MB PDF)

Poster Large

Print-ready full-size 24x33" high-quality theatrical poster for signage at your screening. Posters make great souvenirs for sponsors and audience members too! (42MB PDF)
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