Call of Life was produced by Species Alliance, a nonprofit organization formed in 2005 to raise public awareness of the impending mass extinction and the threat to Earth's life support systems due to the loss of biodiversity.

David Ulansey,  Executive Producer, is the creator and webmaster of, the Web’s oldest and most comprehensive source of information on the current mass extinction. He is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, Boston University, Barnard College (Columbia University), the University of Vermont, and Princeton University. He is the author of The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries (Oxford University Press), and has published articles in Scientific American and numerous other scholarly journals.

Monte Thompson,  Director, has worked professionally in film and television since 1983. With a background in fine art and theater and an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion, he has directed, designed, written, and produced a wide array of award-winning film, video, and other media, from music videos to news programs to commercial spots to feature films. His design and messaging for national and international corporate, broadcast, and educational clients, as well as his work on a variety of independent feature productions, has been broadcast and distributed worldwide.

Chera Van Burg,  Producer, is an award winning filmmaker, psychologist, writer, and educator. She has written, produced, and directed feature and short films, which have shown at film festivals and educational conferences worldwide. Her background as a psychologist brings a depth to her work and informs her use of film as an agent of social and individual change. She has a doctorate degree in psychology and has taught at Skidmore College, University of California at Davis Medical School, and Stanford University Medical School. She recently published an article in The California Psychologist (July/August 2010) titled, Cultural Traumatic Stress Disorder: Identifying Cultural and Psychological Causes of Planetary Destruction.

Susan Scott,  Co-Producer, has worked in the media industry for 20 years and is passionate about image making. As a digital artist she has worked with renowned photographers and major international ad agencies on high profile campaigns. As a photographer she has worked with numerous writers, musicians, filmmakers and visual artists. Her fine art photography has been collected and shown in galleries worldwide.

Greg Tennant,  Co-Producer, has 17 years experience in film, television, and video. He has worked on independent features, cable movies, documentaries, educational films, corporate videos, and television commercials as a writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer, assistant director, assistant editor, grip, and electrician. His feature-length drama “The Distraction” is available on DVD and has been distributed internationally.

Original Music:
Hans Christian
Richard Wormstall
Directors of Photography:
Peter McCandless
Steve Davy
Written by:
Monte Thompson
Chera Van Burg
Greg Tennant
Edited by:
Monte Thompson
Greg Tennant
Susan Scott
Design & Motion Graphics:
Margaret Hoppe
3D Graphics:
Radek Michalik
Audio Post Production:
Sirius Sound
Peter Coyote
Todd Bollinger
Jennifer Connolly
Olivia Eng
Melecio Estrella
Rodrigo Esteva
Mary Fries
Sebastian Grubb
Adam Hudson
Sean Kelly
Sunny Kuegle
Sara Elizabeth Love
Mirah Moriarty
Rowan O’Brien
Tony Suhadolnik
Debra Taylor
Patricia West

Additional Camera:
Joy Quigley
Add'l Interview Producers:
Kelleen Nicholson
Gayatri Roshan
Rhea Landig
Larry Loseness
Production Assistants:
Jim Dickas
Mary Fries
Shane David
Clara Lindstrom
Sam Malkemus
Hilary Shelley
Zachary Jasper-Miller
Additional Support:
Shane David
Michael Gaio
Sean Kelly
Clara Lindstrom
Kelly McMenimen
Special Thanks:
John Ching
Len Davis
Jonathan Frieman
Jim Fournier
Global Oneness Project
Kathie Jacobson
Doug Killam
Isabella Kirkland
Leftspace Studios
Tina Malia
Stan Minasian
Melissa Nelson
Barb & Mort Nicholson
Northcutt Productions
Robert Thurman

The filmmakers would like to especially thank the following, without whose generous support Call of Life would not have been possible:

Threshhold Foundation
Highfield Foundation
Keith and Elizabeth Cich
California Institute of Integral Studies
Dr. Zafra Lerman,
Science Institute at Columbia College


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